Whether you're an experienced snorkeler … a complete rookie … or want to experience this magical underwater world without even getting wet – then this is for YOU …

Get Ready For The Experience Of A Lifetime – Even If You've Never Snorkeled Before Or Don't Want To Get Wet!


Read on to discover how snorkeling – or even watching from our glass-bottomed boats - will be an exciting experience you'll treasure for ever …

Hi … allow me to congratulate you on vacationing in the beautiful Cozumel area, where the scenery is fantastic. And even more stunning scenery awaits you just under the surface of the crystal clear waters surrounding our wonderful island.

We are so very proud to have the second largest coral reef system in the world!

So, it wouldn’t it be a great shame if such a wonderful, once-in-a lifetime opportunity was ruined?

And that can easily happen if you dive with too many other people, so you never get to experience that wonderful underwater silence, like being in another world. And it gets worse.

You see, the noise from too many snorkelers will also sharply reduce the chances of enjoying our spectacular marine life, ranging from schools of colourful fish to even turtles and stingrays!

And, if that wasn’t enough, imagine NOT being allowed to photograph the wonders you see below. After all, taking photos – videos even – is the way we all preserve our golden memories for the future.

And photos allow you to share your amazing experience back home with your friends and relatives.

And with underwater cameras being available for as little as ten bucks, there’s no reason why you need deny yourself this extra dimension of pleasure … unless your tour operator forbids cameras!

And it’s no good crying over split milk, because that’s the sort of thing - like the size of your party - you probably won’t discover until it’s too late. Then you’ll be horrified to find 20 … 30 … 40… or even 50 other snorkelers jostling with you in the water, with the noise frightening the fish away!

There just has to be a better way …

… there is.

A better way where …

  • Your entire party is deliberately limited to about 10 people, to maximize your enjoyment, rather than the tour operator’s profits.
  • And where you can shoot as many photos – and even video – to your heart’s content.

Welcome … my name is Alberto Sosa and I have 25 years experience as a snorkeling guide and my company, Cozumel Snorkel, has been helping our valued guests discover the thrill of snorkeling in our spectacular waters for the last 22 years, since 1995.

Our goal for all our VIP guests, whether coming from cruise liners or staying in local hotels, is simple …

… to make your snorkeling experience the highlight of your entire vacation, just like we did for the Sandford family …

Tourist reads a map of the best snorkeling reefs of Cozumel

Albert Sandford

Colvis, California


We had a fabulous time. I can honestly say this was the highlight of our trip.

Our kids were so amazed at the clarity and variety. My kids were screaming with excitement thru their snorkels...

December 2018

… and for Michael Amber and his wife …

Cruiser reads a list of Cozumel´s best snorkeling beaches

Michael Amber

Boone, North Carolina


It was spectacular!

We were picked up just before 9:30a.m., and our day was a non-stop, fun-filled adventure, just as promised.

December 2018

And here are a couple of important ways we go the extra mile to make your day utterly special …

  • As part of our Premium Service our Boats are all Glass-Bottomed with ample shade and plenty of comfortable seating... So if you can’t swim (or simply don’t want to get wet) you will still enjoy the glorious sights in the crystal clear tropical waters below the boat from the comfort of your seat, shaded from the sun, with a cold drink at your elbow.
  • Although our boats can take up to 20 people, we prefer to limit our parties to about ten, so you get maximum enjoyment. It also means our small number of snorkelers don’t scare the fish way. In fact, we encourage the fish by regular feeding. So you’ll be sure to dazzled by the variety and colors of the fish – you might even see a turtle or other more exotic creature!
  • And you’ll be the envy of the folks back home, because – unlike other tour operators – we allow you to take as many photos or videos as you like. So just think what wonderful memories you’ll be able to share and relive for many years in the future with your own personal collection of underwater photos – or even video!

And, if you’re in a party of 10 or more, it gets even better!

Because I’ll be delighted to give you a FREE upgrade to a totally private boat trip where you’ll enjoy all the facilities and comforts of our standard PREMIUM boats – with the added benefit that you won’t be sharing your boat with any one else.

You can also choose to start your trip at your desired time rather than our 5 regular start times.

There is no extra charge for this – you simply have to select this option when making your booking.

Five different start times for your convenience

You can choose your start time from the following:

9:30am … 11:00am … 12pm (noon) …1:00pm or 3:00pm.

The tours last approximately 2 ½ hours.

Here’s what our more relaxed approach means for you …

Local advices a visitor about the best places to snorkel in Cozumel

Steve and Nancy Miller

Hammondsport, New York


We didn't want the typical snorkel trip from the cruise line because there would be too many people.

Our guide, Alex, was wonderful! I could take all the pictures I wanted with my camera, and all the cruise excursions prohibited cameras!

We saw one excursion from our boat, and there were at least 50 people in the water. I can't imagine they saw anything other than other snorkelers; the fish had to be scared away from that many people.

December 2018

And, don’t worry that you won’t understand us - we all speak English very well!

So whether you’re:

  • An experienced snorkeler – who will experience a whole new dimension to your sport seeing our breathtaking coral reef close up plus the chance to swim near to turtles and other exotic sea creatures.
  • You’re new to snorkeling – so you’ll be thrilled by the experience of almost flying in that totally silent and peaceful underwater world, just under the surface. And you’ll be awestruck by the sight of the coral, right there in front of you, and the brilliant colors of the schools of fish as they swoop by.
  • You don’t want to go snorkeling, but you still want to experience the astonishing beauty of this underwater world – in which case you’ll love the view from our glass-bottomed boat. Because the water is crystal clear and coral reef so shallow, it’s just like being there - without the need to dry off after!

Here’s a tiny taster of what you can look forward to on your trip …

You’ll feel the excitement rising the minute we meet up and you embark on one of our 3 comfortable, glass-bottomed boats.

Then, soon after you settle onto your boat, we arrive at the coral reefs in the Marine Park, which has the second largest coral reef in the world.

We chose these reefs for their spectacular beauty and their shallowness (ranging from just 6–18 feet [1.8 metres – 3.6 metres] deep). This – coupled with the crystal clear water - means that, even if you don’t enter the water and are content to view it all through the glass bottom of the boat, you’ll see every detail, pin-sharp.

And, if you slip just below the surface of the water, you’ll enter a wonderful new, silent world, where you are instantly at one with Nature. And you’ll immediately be dumbstruck by the sheer beauty of the coral reef and the amazing variety of the shapes and colors of the fish as they dart by.

That’s when you’ll really start to appreciate our policy of severely restricting the numbers of snorkelers in our parties.

And you’ll also thank us for allowing you to use your underwater camera, so you can share your trip with those envious folks back home!

Then, when you’ve drunk your fill of this amazing experience, you’ll enjoy returning to the boat to share your experience with your family and the other members of our small party, whilst enjoying a refreshing cold drink.

Meeting up with us is so simple – regardless of where you’re arriving from …

We meet at the ‘Marti Sports’ (the ‘Sporting Goods Store’ next door to Hard Rock Cafe), a very well known landmark in Royal Village Shopping Mall Cozumel. That means …

  • Coming in on a Cruise Ship? You’ll arrive at the Cruise Pier, which is just across the street from our meeting point (about 100 yards from both Puerta Maya, and TMM International Cruise Piers). Do choose one of our five departure times that is at least 30 minutes after the time you are due to dock.
  • If you are staying on Cozumel: Everyone - including the staff at the hotel you’re staying at – knows where the ‘Marti Sports’ (the ‘Sporting Goods Store’ next door to Hard Rock Cafe) is and will happily give you directions. Or you can just hop in a taxi, because all the taxi drivers know the way!
  • Coming from Playa del Carmen? Perfect, because you’ll arrive at the Cozumel Ferry Pier, which is just a few minutes away from our meeting point by taxi (and all the taxi drivers know where the ‘Marti Sports’ is).

Wherever you’re coming from, you’ll receive full directions with your Confirmation Email that will be instantly sent to you when you book your tour.

If you are coming from Playa del Carmen, the Ferry ride to Cozumel lasts 20 minutes, and costs only $6usd each way. Ferries depart every hour both ways starting at 7am until 11pm.

Make sure to catch a Ferry at least 1 hour before your scheduled snorkeling tour depart time. Our trips last 2 ½ hours.

Here’s a quick summary of what will make this a snorkeling trip of a lifetime …

  • The most friendly and experienced team of certified snorkeling guides in all of Cozumel. Every one with a minimum of 8 years of experience.
  • Personal attention from our experienced, friendly guides (much easier to do when there are so few guests).
  • Your choice of 5 convenient start times: 9:30am; 11:00am, 12:00pm (noon), 1:00pm, and 3:00pm.
  • Unlimited photography, including as much video footage as you want!
  • Visiting the 3 best reefs in Cozumel’s world-famous Marine Park: Paradise Reef; Villa Blanca Gardens Reef and the Dzul-Ha Reef.
  • Everything is included – all your snorkeling equipment and even soft drinks or beer!

You get all this – and much, MUCH more for just …

  • $59 USD for an Adult (age 13+)
  • $49 USD for Kids (age 1-12) and yes, they can go snorkeling.
  • That includes all taxes and fees.

If you can’t print the Confirmation Email because you don’t have access to a printer, simply make a note of the directions and arrive at our meeting point with your passport or any other photo ID.

Book with Confidence. My Refund Policy has you covered:

  • If there´s bad weather on the day of your trip, and the harbour master shuts down the port for small boats like mine. I will give you a FULL REFUND.
  • If you are coming to Cozumel via Cruise Ship, and your Cruise gets re-routed off Cozumel for any reason. I will give you a FULL REFUND.
  • No questions asked.

And which our previous guests consider to be great value …

Map of Cozumel´s best snorkeling locations

Jennifer Willams

Weaverville, California


Great value, great snorkeling spots, fish right up close!!

The glass bottom part was nice too, so my in-laws could still see fish after being in the water at the first reef. We visited 3 reefs and all had great fish. Our guides Ricardo and Jesus were great.

December 2018

So why settle for anything less than the very best?

Why should you settle for anything less than perfect arrangements for this wonderful experience of a lifetime?

After all, this will be a trip you will want to remember for the rest of your life.

So why risk spoiling the day by being crammed in with too many people, or being forbidden from using your camera when, on our trips, you can enjoy plenty of space as well as shoot photos and videos to your heart’s content?

But there is some bad news …

And I think it’s only fair to warn you, that, due to our excellent reputation and the fact we deliberately limit our parties to around 10 snorkelers, for your benefit, and because we only have 3 boats in our tiny fleet, we get booked up very quickly.

Easy to understand, when you realize there are about 20,000 people arriving here daily from the Cruise Ships alone – quite apart from the good folks staying in the hotels here and at Playa del Carmen and the other nearby resorts.

Happily, there’s also some good news.

You can check right now (regardless of the time, night or day) for the availability of slots on your chosen day. That’s because our web site is constantly updated, in real time, as each fresh booking takes up more of our precious slots.

So now you have a simple choice …

You can book a trip with your cruise line or one of the other snorkeling businesses in the area and risk being crowded out by hordes of other snorkelers (and probably be banned from taking even a single photo).

OR …

You can resolve that this trip of a lifetime deserves only the very best and make your booking right now and so avoid disappointment, later. I guarantee you’ll feel marvellous, once you know you’ve secured one of our limited places.

Then you can order your underwater camera, which can be gotten from Amazon.com for less than ten dollars.

We’re really looking forward to meeting you and proudly showing you our wonderful underwater world.



Alberto Sosa
Chief Snorkeling Guide

P.S. You’ll really appreciate our limited party size, but it does mean you risk getting shut out, if you delay booking.

P.P.S. I’ll leave the last words to SAMUEL as he recounts his turtle sighting and to Adrienne and her stingray …

Passenger arrives from Playa del Carmen to take a cozumel snorkeling tour

Samuel Williams

Seattle, Washington


We snorkeled in a beautiful shallow reef in the marine park area where we even saw a turtle, the water was so crystal clear.

December 2018

Alberto is a reliable cozumel snorkeling guide

Adrienne Rimes

Jacksonville, Florida


This was a great time! The first time out they take you to a shallow reef then to two more reefs a little bit deeper.

The shallow reef was very pretty, lots of pretty fish. They feed the fish so they come closer to you.

We ended up seeing a stingray. At first it freaked me out but it was pretty cool to see!

December 2018