What are the Best Cozumel Snorkeling Beaches?

Bask under the sun in the most beautiful snorkeling beaches of Cozumel. The island, popular because of its wide and towering reefs, is also known for its white powder-like sands. No one can resist jumping into the beautiful clear blue waters of Cozumel beaches or resting over the warm soft sand for a nice and relaxing sunbathe.

While you are at it, make sure that you have brought your snorkeling gear because enjoying the beauty of the reefs is just a few meters away. When you dip into the shallow area of the beach, you will start seeing reefs and colorful starfish that you can’t help but go deeper.

Best snorkeling beaches in Cozumel

Some Cruisers snorkeling the beaches of Cozumel

These snorkeling beaches in Cozumel are definitely worth a visit:

Playa Palancar

The beach near the popular Palancar reef, home of the four known reefs in the area – the Palancar: Gardens, Palancar: Horseshoe, Palancar: Caves, and Palancar: Bricks. If you are not yet in the mood for snorkeling, you can relax under the soothing shade of a coconut tree drinking a refreshing cocktail from a nearby restaurant. For $5, you can get a nice cushioned sun bed with an umbrella where you can watch kids play with the sand or splash in the shallow clear areas of the beach.

When you are ready to go snorkeling, just change to your gear and hop on a boat that will take you in the middle shallow area of Palancar reef, about two kilometers away.

Punta Sur

Located in the southern point of Cozumel, Punta Sur is an ecological park that boasts of reefs, beaches, lagoons, and low forests. Nearby you may also find the Celarain lighthouse, which sits on the Punta Sur promontory, a part of the nautical museum. The popular Devil’s Throat scuba diving area may be found here. However, snorkeling isn’t recommended there because of the deepness of Devil’s Throat. Snorkelers may instead swim near the shores of Punta Sur to see beautiful reefs and colorful fishes. Snorkeling in this area is perfect because of the calm waters.

Punta Sur claims to have one of the island’s most postcard-perfect white-sand beaches. Snorkelers, after their day under the sea with the reefs, should consider staying until nighttime where they can watch mother sea turtles dig deep nests in the sand to lay their eggs.

Playa Las Casitas

There are many snorkeling areas in Cozumel but this one is the closest to town. This is great for tourists who want to take a quick dip in the water for some snorkeling before returning to town for shopping and dining. You can easily rent snorkeling gear in the dive shops in town before going to Playa Las Casitas. Here you can see the sunken boats, turned into artificial reefs.

Friends who don’t feel like snorkeling with you can stay by the shore and hangout in a nearby palapa bar called the Love Café.


The beaches in Cozumel don’t only offer its beautiful sands and crystal clear waters but you can jump right in for a nice session of snorkeling. Colorful fishes in varying sizes and colors aren’t shy; they are found mostly in the shallow areas as well as reefs in breathtaking shapes and colors.