Why is Snorkeling from the beaches of Cozumel not recommended?

The island is famous because of its vast and towering reefs. No one can resist jumping into the beautiful clear blue waters of Cozumel beaches or resting over the warm, soft sand for a beautiful and relaxing sunbathe.

But there is one problem: snorkeling in the beaches of cozumel is something unimpressive. The real action happens in more open places around the island like the coral reefs in Marine Park, which has the second largest coral reef in the world.

We chose reefs for their beauty and their shallowness; this means that, even if you don’t enter the water and are content to view it all through the boat, you’ll see every detail, pin-sharp.

And, if you slip just below the surface of the water, you’ll enter a beautiful new, silent world, where you are instantly at one with nature.

If you want to get the most of your snorkeling adventure, we recommend you to take a snorkeling tour. With CozumelSnorkel you don't have to worry because it is not only cheap, but it also covers everything; from providing snorkeling gear up to touring underwater.

What are the best Cozumel snorkeling beaches?

Why is the Dzul-Ha Reef a must-go for Snorkelers?

Crystal and her brother floating while they watch the fish below them.

Dzul-Ha is famous among snorkelers because it’s a shallow reef. It means that it’s excellent for beginners. The depth is between 10 and 15 feet. Many of the guests of the local bar are involved in snorkeling.

If you access the reef through the beach, you will not have to worry. There are no stones around that can hurt you; to be sure, we recommend you to wear shoes.

The Dzul-Ha Reef provides incredible views. You'll love it.

Why go Snorkeling to Paradise Reef Cozumel?

Located in the western part of Cozumel, paradise reef is one of the most visited snorkeling sites on this island.

Paradise Reef consists of two separate reefs – north and south reef. Depending on the level of experience and your skills, you can choose to snorkel or dive in different parts of this area.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is the area where you will probably see the famous, endemic Cozumel Splendid toadfish.

Danna and her best friends observing the marine life that the guide shows them on the snorkeling tour.

Where is Villa Blanca Reef located in Cozumel?

You can tell by the name of this reef that it is close to some villa. In this case, we are talking about Villa Blanca Hotel. These shallows are right in front of this famous hotel; this is the area between the new ferry pier in Cozumel and Park Royal.

Villa Blanca Reef is in a popular area which is a big plus for many snorkelers. It means that you can visit many attractions and enjoy food and drinks once you are snorkeling. Also, this is a shallow reef. Good for beginners.

For a better snorkeling experience, the best option is the cozumel reef snorkeling by boat. You can jump right in for a nice session of snorkeling with our CozumelSnorkel guides. Colorful fishes in varying sizes and colors aren’t shy; they are found mostly in the shallow areas of the reefs in breathtaking shapes and colors.